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  1. Annuitant for £400 p.a. and trustee under the will of John Bourryau of Grenada, in which capacity he was party to a suit in Chancery over the will. LBS has not identified him with confidence. A Joseph Sill, a merchant of Hull, was bankrupt with his partners in 1759: it appears unlikely however that Bourryau would have selected a bankrupt as trustee. This Joseph Sill serving as trustee was shown as dead by 1793, in an advertisement of the sale of the Grenada estates. The Joseph Sill of Walcot whose will was proved 30/04/1824 and who was born c. 1743 was possibly connected to the Bourryau circle: his sister Sophia of Glamford Briggs made John Bourryau Spooner (q.v.) one of her trustees under her will proved in 1827. This latter Joseph Sill (d. 1824) and his partner Robert Wilson were merchants at Lisbon; the will of their 'servant' Scipio Vincente Africanus is held in the Somerset Archives.

  2. An "elaborate stone tomb" in Camberwell states: "Sacred to the memory of BETTY BEZERRA, Viscountess de Tagouht, eldest daughter of Joseph Sill, of Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant, and Betty his wife, and widow of his Excellence John Paul Bezerra, of Lisbon, Prime Minister of his faithful Majesty, John VI., king of Portugal. She died May 6, 1835, aged 82, and her remains are interred in this vault. In this vault is also interred the body of the above-named JOSEPH SILL, WHO DEPARTED THI8 LIFE THE 8TH DAY OF OCT. 1779, AGED 60; ALSO BETTY HIS WIFE, DIED DEC. 8, 1771, AGED 54. LIKEWISE THEIR GRAND-DAUGHTER, ZENORIA, child of Major Sill, who fell in the American war."


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  2. William Harnett Blanch, Ye Parish of Cammerwell: A Brief Account of the Parish of Camberwell, Its History and Antiquities (1877) p. 207.

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Bourryau also left Sill an annuity of £400...