Thomas Bradshaw

???? - 1800


Slave-owner on St Croix, making his will there in 1799. Son and residuary heir of John Bradshaw of the City of London (q.v.). In 1784 he sold the equity of redemption in the Bagatelle estate on St Vincent with 117 enslaved people and an additional eight enslaved people belonging to him but not on Bagatelle to William Collins of New Sarum (q.v).

  1. Will of Thomas Bradshaw 'owner and proprietor of estates in this island called Lion [sic] Hill [and Carlton] and of Wilbury Newton Toney Wiltshire' proved 13/06/1800. He left his wife Mary Bradshaw [given later in the will as Eleonore, with 'Mary' then inserted before Eleonore] £1000 on demand, an annuity of £3000 p.a. and £10,000 in the sixth year after his death, secured on his estates of Sion Hill and Carlton on St Croix. He left the estates themselves to his brother John (Sion Hill) and James Bradshaw (Carlton). He gave his wife consent to stay at either of his houses on St Croix and to take 18 'negroes' with her if she moved. He left his English estate to his brother John.


EAP 688 1785 Deed Book pp. 251-271.

  1. PROB 11/1343/177; on the signature page is a barely decipherable note 'St Croix.'

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Mary Eleonore

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1779 [EA] - 1784 [LA] → Other

Thomas Bradshaw inherited the equity of redemption in Bagatelle c. 1779 and sold it in 1784 to William Collins

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Country house
Wilbury House [Purchased] 
description →
Country house in Cholderton, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, modified by Thomas Bradshaw during his ownership c. 1783-1803. 'Fulk Greville sold Wilbury House to Thomas Bradshaw c 1783. Under Bradshaw's...

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Son → Father

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Wilbury House, Newton Tony, Wiltshire, South-west England, England