Robert Benstead Wright the elder

15th Dec 1762 - ????


  1. Robert Benstead Wright, born 15/12/1762 and baptised 29/01/1763 in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, son of James Cooper Wright esq and Ann his wife. Captain in the St Elizabeth regiment in 1796. Buried at Lacovia 09/08/1798.

  2. Robert Benstead Wright had four children with Jean Kentish, "free mulatto""

    . Mary Wright: born 07/04/1788 and bapt. 13/01/1789

    . Ann Wright: born 04/08/1789 and bapt. 16/04/1795

    . Nathaniel Wright (1781-1842) of South Valley - q.v.

    . Robert Benstead Wright: born 23/04/1793 and bapt. 16/04/1795.

  3. Owner Southampton Penn and four enslaved people upon it in 1797 when he wrote his will. Southampton Penn and the four enslaved people were later bought by John Collins. This Robert Benstead Wright (1762-1798) was the uncle of a third Robert Benstead Wright (the younger, 1786-1820) who was also connected to Southampton Penn.


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