Vice Admiral James Seton

1726 - 1802


Vice Admiral James Seton (1726-1802) was governor of St Vincent 1787-1798, and was reportedly granted the right to use the title of Earl of Dunfermline by George III. Father of James Seton (d. 1831) (q.v.), who himself had been on St Vincent during the Carib War. Vice Admiral James Seton bought and rebuilt Brook Heath or Brookheath House in Hampshire. LBS has not to date traced slave-ownership by Vice Admiral James Seton.


George Seton, History of the Family of Seton during eight centuries (Edinburgh, 1896) Vol. II, pp. 630-631; [accessed 24/08/2020]; [accessed 24/08/2020].

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Country house
Brook Heath house [Built] 
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Country house in Fordingbridge Hampshire, bought and remodelled by Vice Admiral James...

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Father → Son

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Brook Heath, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Wessex, England