Bayer Otto Bayer or Baijer

???? - 1737


  1. The will of Bayer Otto Bayer of Antigua was signed 15/05/1736 recored in Antigua in 1737 and proved in London 28/11/1738. He left his North Sound estate to his son Bastian Otto-Baijer, charged with £105 p.a he was bound to pay his brother John Otto Baijer. His residuary her was his son John Otto Baijer (d. 1790). In the will, he names his brothers-in-law Richard Oliver and Rowland Oliver Esquires. Elsewhere in his will the testator Bayer Otto Bayer refers to an Ann Oliver as being sister to his own wife Frances: "I give to my said dear Wife and to her Sister Ann Oliver each a Suit of Mourning..." Frances and Ann Oliver were half-sisters of Richard and Rowland Oliver.


  1. Will of Bayer Otto Bayer, Antigua, 1736 (proved 1738), PROB 11/693/154.

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Frances Oliver
Bastian Otto, Rowland Otto, John Otto, Richard Otto, Bayer Otto, Mary Otto, Sarah Otto

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Bayer Otto Baijer's wife Frances was the half-sister of Richard Oliver of Antigua and...