John Brown or Browne 'of Lothbury'

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John Brown or Browne of Lothbury appeared as the assignee in trust of Mustique from William Lushington the elder (q.v.) in 1812 and as trustee of William Hepburn on Ottley Hall also in 1812. He has not to date been traced further.

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1812 [EA] - 1812 [LA] → Assignee

A deed of 1812 between John Browne of Lothbury and William Lushington formerly of Portland Place, now of Camden Place, recorded the assignment to Browne of the island of Mustique and 85 named enslaved people on it to secure a debt of £15,000 under Lushington's marriage settlement. Lushington had originally remitted the money from India but not funded his settlement, for which he was pursued by his trustee John Petrie. He had pledged his share in a ship called Canton as security but then made over a mortgage over Mustique to John Browne as additional security. The assignment to Browne was in trust.

1812 [EA] - 1812 [LA] → Trustee