Valentine Jones

1729 - 1808


Merchant of Barbados for 33 years, son of Valentine Jones (d. 1805) of Belfast, who had been a West India merchant and wine and rum dealer. Online sources not corroborated by LBS show Valentine Jones - probably this man d. 1808 - as the owner of Providence estate in Christ Church in 1777.

  1. The will of Valentine Jones merchant of Belfast proved 10/05/1808 is of this man (it identifies Edward Jones Agnew as his 'brother' - in fact Agnew was his half-brother). In the will, among other legacies, he left to 'my black female servant named Bamba' 6 guineas in discharge of her wages and an annuity of 4 guineas p.a. His residuary heir was his son, also named Valentine Jones, convicted of embezzlement as Commissary-General of the West Indies in 1809 in a case involving the conduct also of Matthew Higgins (q.v.).


Valentine Jones (d. 1805) has an entry in the Dictionary of Irish Biography that includes family members, [accessed 20/08/2021]. The entry at one point gives the death-date of Valentine Jones the Barbados merchant as 1834, but elsewhere in the text shows his life-dates (correctly) as 1729?-1808; [accessed 21/08/2021].

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Valentine Jones later the Commissary General of the West Indies and the son of Valentine Jones merchant of Barbados and Belfast who d. 1808 (of the LBS entry) married Elizabeth Graeme, daughter of...

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