John Hay surgeon of Grenada

???? - 1803


The will of John Hay surgeon of St John, island of Grenada was proved 05/01/1804. He left all his 'lands, houses, slaves, debts owing to me' in trust (his trustees were Alexander Hay of Arbroath; Hon. James Hay speaker of the Assembly; Alexander Fraser sen.; Alexander Cockburn; and Richard Landreth planter of St Patrick) to fund (1) a legacy of £1500 to John Hay 'a mustee boy, son of Portia Porteus deceased, a mulatto woman' on his coming of age; (2) £1000 to his nephew Peter Hay mariner of Arbroath in trust for the latter's children; (3) £200 each to the children of David Caird 'who married my late niece'; £500 to his nephew John Morrison merchant in Arbroath; (4) £300 to further nephew David [the surname is illegible]; and (5) £100 currency to 'my present housekeeper Kate, with a further request that no service be required of Mary Ann a creole of Barbados. Subject to these legacies, he left the residue of this estate to Alexander Hay of Arbroath. In a codicil he left a 'negro boy' named Sylvestre and another 'negro boy' named Pierre to Thomas Duncan of Grenada and made him an executor.


PROB 11/1403/35.

Relationships (3)

Testator → Legatee
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Thomas Duncan was a young man in 1803 when a man of the same name appeared in the will of John Hay as the legatee of two 'negro boys.' This is thus a tentative association...
Testator → Trustee
Testator → Trustee