Sir Charles Thorold

???? - 1709


London merchant and Director of the Bank of England. In his will proved 13/04/1709 he left, alongside his English property, his one-seventh share in a plantation on Barbados known as Rowley's (in the parishes of St John and St Joseph), with all the 'lands, houses, mills, servants, negromen and women, cattle, stock and appurtenances thereon' inherited from his brother John Thorold and held in common with John Hill of Salop, to his brother Sir George Thorold.


PROB 11/507/340.

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- 1709 [EY] → Joint owner

Sir Charles Thorold left his 1/7th interest in Rowley's - which he had inherited from his brother John Thorold - to another brother Sir George Thorold, and identified his co-owner as John Hill of Salop, in his will proved in 1709.

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Bank of England
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Member of the Court of Directors...

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The two men were co-owners [in the ratio 6/7ths to1/7th] of an estate and enslaved people on...