Jacob Aemilius Irving II

29th Jan 1797 - 7th Oct 1856

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Jacob Aemilius Irving 'the first' (1767-1816) and Hannah Margaret Corbett of Charleston, and grandson of James Irving 'the Elder' (1713-1775) and cousin of John Beaufin Irving (q.v.).

  1. Born at Charleston 29/01/1797; spent a period in Jamaica as a child, came to England c. 1803 and was a cornet in the Light Dragoons at the time of his father's death at Liverpool, and fought at Waterloo. Married Catherine Diana, daughter of Sir Jere Homfray 10/12/1821, 'and lived in France'. 1835-8 moved to Canada, son was Sir Aemilius Irving (1823-1913).

  2. Under the will of James Irving 'the Elder', on the death of his father, Jacob Aemilius (1797-1856) succeeded to one-third of Ironshore, Hartfield, Irving Tower, The Crawle and 900 acres known as Bonshaw: the other thirds were owned by John Beaufin the second and James Irving 'the third'. The interests of James and Jacob were mortgaged to Birch and Ward of Liverpool. James transferred his obligations to a merchant named William Jenkins.  By 1839, Jacob had paid off the securities of £9263 he had given to Birch and Ward in 1818, and the estates were divided, with John Beaufin taking Irving Tower and £1200-1500 (he sold the estate for £5000 in 1847), and James and Jacob Aemilius retaining Ironshore and Hartfield as tenants-in-common. When William Jenkins failed in 1841, Martin and Co., the Lombard Street bankers, took control of James Irving's interests in the estate. Boddington & Co. took on the consigneeship in 1846-7.

NB Jacob Aemilius Irving's brother was (also) John Beaufin Irving, but the compensation clearly involved the John Beaufin Irving the cousin, not the brother.


  1. Sir Aemilius Irving (ed.), James Irving of Ironshore and his descendants 1713-1918, ed. L. Homfray Irving (Toronto, Canada, College Press Limited, 1918) pp. 37-90.

  2. Ibid pp. 90-1.

Further Information

Catherine Diana Homfray (1821)
Amelius Thos. (1823-1913), Diana (1825-), Harriet (1826-), Charles Crespigny (1828-), Emma (1843-), Edward Herbert (1845-),Henry Erskine( 1840-)

Associated Claims (2)

£2,365 9s 0d
£1,469 11s 1d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

Associated Estates (3)

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01/11/1816 [SD] - 1839 [EY] → Tenant-in-common
01/11/1816 [SD] - 1839 [EY] → Tenant-in-common
01/11/1816 [SD] - 1839 [EY] → Tenant-in-common

Legacies Summary

Imperial (1)

Member of the legislative council
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Sir Aemilius Irving (ed.), James Irving of Ironshore and his descendants 1713-1918, ed. L. Homfray Irving (Toronto, Canada, College Press Limited,...

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Boulogne, France