William Burnett

1762 - 1839

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation with Catherine Forbes (q.v.) for Lloyds and Mt Sinai estates in St David Jamaica as 'Assignees of a mortgage or beneficially interested under an agreement from the mortgagee £11888 11s 2d'.

  1. Probably but not certainly the awardees were William Burnett (1762-c.1839), son of Sir Thomas Burnett 6th baronet of Leys and Lady Katherine Ramsay, and his sister Catherine Burnett who married Alexander Forbes of Shivas in 1785. William was born in 1762 and had a long military career. Appointed to a company in the 14th Regiment in 1784, Lieut-Col in 1797. Colonel in 1803 and ADC to George III. Major General 1810, Lieut. General 1814 and General in 1837. "Aquired Ardbeadie, on the north side of the Dee, from his brother, Sir Robert Burnet [7th Bart.], and half the estate of Blackhall, on the south side of the Dee, by a transaction with the trustees of Sir Edward Bannerman of Elsick. General Burnett settled on Deeside on his retirement from the army, and died unmarried, in 1839." Burnett built Banchory Lodge on the Ardbeadie estate.

  2. Will of William Burnett, Lieutenant General in Her Majesty's Army, Colonel of Her Majesty's Army, of Banchory Lodge Kincardineshire was proved 08/07/1839. In the will, he identified his 'sister German' as Mrs Catherine Forbes of Schivas: he left his estate to his niece Margaret Ramsay, after a number of monetary legacies amounting to several thousand pounds provided in a Memorandum or codicil (which identified his brother as Sir Rob Burnett). Margaret Ramsay having died in William Burnett's lifetime, the property passed to her son Thomas Ramsay a minor. The William Burnett of Crathes Castle Kincardineshire whose will was proved 16/06/1840 was the nephew of Lt-Gen William Burnett. Scolty Tower near Banchory was apparently built as a memorial to General William Burnett.


T71/866 St David claim nos. 100, 101 and 115. Robert Taylor was the original claimant 'entitled by arrangement and agreement with Joseph Delpratt'.

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£340 17s 8d
£4,340 16s 0d
£3,215 18s 7d

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Country house
Banchory Lodge [Built] 
description →
In the early 1800s, William Burnett incorporated the old Coble Inn into a new mansion house which he named Banchory...
Scolty Tower [Built] 
description →
Scotly Tower, near Banchory, apparently built in memory of William...
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Banchory Lodge, Dee Street, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland