William Derrickson Beard

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Although William Derrickson Beard was in Bristol in 1835, he appears to have been a resident planter, registering enslaved people in 1817 for himself and his daughter Elizabeth, and in 1828 for 'self, Caroline Beard (his wife) and children'. There is no sign of him in Britain after 1835.


T71/1609 letter from William Derrickson Beard, Harford Street, Cathay, Bristol to Commissioners 06/01/1835; T71/1592 20/08/1835, 03/11/1835 and 07/11/1835 Commissioners to Beard; Ancestry.com, Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834 [database on-line], St Kitts 1817 and 1828 (the latter not dated on www.ancestry.com).

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Caroline Burroughs

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£191 14s 8d

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1824 [EA] - 01/12/1824 [ED] → Manager
01/12/1824 [SD] - 1833 [LA] → Lessee (Estate)

Received 62 enslaved people with the estate from Charles Adamson esq 1st December 1824.

Addresses (1)

13 Harford Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England