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A claim was made for the compensation for the Prospect estate in Trinidad for George Armstrong by Archibald Armstrong and John Hoyes as assignees: the compensation appears to have been shared although only George Armstrong appears as an awardee. George Armstrong was almost certainly the son of Archibald Armstrong senior and brother of Archibald Armstrong jun. (each of whom q.v.). In his will made in 1823, Archibald Armstrong said: 'My son George having in his lifetime received a full proportion of what he was entitled to at my death is the reason I do not mention him.'

  1. Dobson shows two George Armstrongs matriculating Glasgow University, one in 1808 eldest son of Archibald Armstrong a gentleman in Grenada, and one in 1809 second son of Archibald Armstrong a merchant in St George's Grenada. These were presumably the same man.


  1. David Dobson, Scots in the West Indies, 1707-1857 Vol II p. 4.

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£8,685 3s 5d

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