Peter McLagan

1776 - 11th Apr 1860

Claimant or beneficiary


Partner in Georgetown of predecessor firms of Sandbach Tinne (q.v.) until his retirement from the firm in 1821. Peter M'Lagan of Calderbank and afterwards of Pumpherston (c. 1776-1860).

  1. His eldest son John graduated in medicine from the University of Edinburgh in 1836 and became a surgeon in Demerara, where he died 11th November 1850.

  2. Peter Maclagan of Pumpherston (c. 1823-1900), the Liberal MP for Linlithgow 1865-1893, the son of Peter M'Lagan of Calderbank, was recorded by the Royal Society as born in Demerara Guiana: he was elected FRS 01/02/1864. His estates were sequestered c. 1893, when he was identified as the successor to the estate of the late Peter M'Lagan who resided at Great King Street Edinburgh who died 11/04/1860. One of the executors of Peter M'Lagan of Great King Street was James Patrick M'Inroy Esq. of Lude, strengthening the connection of Peter M'Lagan of Great King Street with the Sandbach Tinne firm, in which James Patrick M'Inroy was a partner.

  3. 'Peter McLagan Esqr. of Demerarey presently residing in Mackays Hotel and Miss Elizabeth Hagart Steuart in St John Street Canongate daughter of Peter [sic] Steuart Esquire also there gave up their names for proclamation [of marriage, 20/04/1827, with a note added that the marriage took place on the 25th]. Elizabeth Hagart Steuart or Stewart was born 23/04/1794 and baptised in Little Dunkeld, Perthshire, the daughter of Helen Hagart and Patrick Stewart. In 1841 Peter Mclagan aged 65 Independent born Scotland was living at 77 Great King Street Edinburgh with Peter Mclagan aged 18 and Janet Mclagan (his niece) aged 25; in 1851 Peter McLagan born Moulin Perthshire aged 76 Landed Proprietor was still at Great King Street with Janet aged 36; Peter McLagan junior born Demerara was at Pumpherston Farm.  

  4. Peter M'Lagan of Calderbank is shown as buying Pumpherston in 1842; he is also shown as buying Calderbank in the same year. Peter McLagan, landed proprietor, died 11/04/1860 at 77 Great King Street, age 85 years, of heart disease, and was buried in New Calton Cemetery. His death certificate gives his parents as John McLagan and Grace nee McInrey, both deceased.

  5. Peter McLagan was the nephew of James McInroy of Lude (1759-1825), father of James Patrick McInroy, and one of the founding partners of McInroy, Sandbach & Co. He was the son of James's sister Grace, who was the wife of John McLagan in the parish of Moulin. Peter McLagan was in Demerara at the time of McInroy's death (1825) and was McInroy's executor there. His will refers to his plantation, Coffee Grove, on the River Essequibo.


T71/887 British Guiana claim no. 2512 (Coffee Grove & Caledonia).

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  5. SC49/31/5 Testament of James McInroy Esq of Lude, sometime merchant in Glasgow, died at Lude.

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Peter M'Lagan
Elizabeth Hagart Stewart
John, Peter (1823-)

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£21,480 10s 10d

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

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Sandbach Tinne
West India merchant  

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77 Great King Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland