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Samuel Bayley, son of Thomas Bayley and Mary Kennedy, and brother of John Diggles Bayley (q.v.) and Robert Riddell Bayley (q.v.), and uncle of William Kennedy Bayley (1805-1863) (q.v.).

  1. His father Thomas Bayley of Booth Hall, heir-at law to his uncle John Diggles (1816), devised his property in Blackley, Manchester, England to his three sons. Samuel Bayley of the Stock Exchange in the city of London, gentleman, John Diggles Bayley of Manchester, merchant, and Bobert Biddell Bayley of Basinghall Street in the said city, gentleman, on trust.

  2. William Kennedy Bayley (1778-1806) had married in 1803 Isabella, the daughter of John Russell of Clarendon Jamaica. John Diggles, Samuel and Robert Riddell Bayley were the brothers of this first William Kennedy Bayley, who died in Jamaica.

  3. Samuel Bayley was 'a merchant in Manchester and later a member of the London Stock Exchange'.


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£2,429 18s 10d

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Uncle → Nephew

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Manchester, Lancashire, North-west England, England