David Anderson

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Banker and partner in Sir Wlliam Forbes bart., James Hunter & Co., Edinburgh, awarded with his co-partners the compensation for a claim in Manchester Jamaica as judgement creditors of Helen Watt, 'gentlewoman of Manchester.'  


Manchester no. 348. T71/1190 identifies the claimants as partners in the Edinburgh bank, and specifies the basis of the counterclaim from Sir John Hay, Bart., Sir Wm Forbes, Bart., George Forbes, David Anderson, Adam Hay, Patrick Sanderson and Richard Johnson bankers and co-partners carrying on business as Sir Wm Forbes Bart, James Hunter & Co. Edinburgh [Scotland], judgement creditors 1828 v Helen Watt gentlewoman of Manchester owner.

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£209 3s 0d
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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland