William Chichester

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Resident in British Guiana, and with no apparent presence in Britain, awarded part of the compensation for Bachelors Adventure and Enterprise in British Guiana as one of the executors of John Hopkinson.

  1. Will of John Hopkinson of Aigburth Hall proved 16/3/1822. John Hopkinson left £100,000, 'formerly of Demarara and then Aigburth Hall nr Liverpool'.  John Hopkinson bequeathed his estates in Demera and elsewhere in trust for his nine natural children, seven sons and two daughters, as tenants in common.  His will proved March 1822.  The children were with two women of colour, one of whom resided in Aigburth Hall and the other in London: the survivors joined in conveyance to Samuel Amory 1840 in trust for sale of the estates.

  2. William Chichester of Demerary was shown in 1826 as the 'owner' of Aaron, an enslaved person 'under the care of Thomas White of Berbice', hired out to Mr Forsyth on the plantation "the Friends", who filed a complaint to the Protector of Slaves after being held in the stocks and then flogged, an illegal double punishment. Aaron reportedly did not know the identity of the man who 'owned' him.     




British Guiana no. 568A & B.

  1. PROB 11/1654; Rubinstein 1822/2; Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire for the Year 1867-8 (Liverpool 1868), p.189.

  2. House of Lords Sessional Papers 1801-1833, 1828 Vol. 241, Report of David Power of the Protector's Office, Berbice 21/1/1827 p. 153, Complaint No. 2 8th November 1826.

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W. Chichester

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£36,270 18s 2d
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£15,041 18s 3d
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Uncle → Nephew
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William Chichester was identified as the uncle of Jared Chichester in the latter's will proved 27/03/1838 ...

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