Major-General William Nedham

18th Mar 1770 - 13th Feb 1844

Claimant or beneficiary


Claimed unsuccessfully as owner-in-fee for the compensation for the enslaved people on Mount Olive in St Thomas-in-the-Vale. The compensation was paid to the London merchants Davidsons and Barkly as mortgagees.

  1. Nedham died at Worthing 1844 aged 74. (Buried in Broadminster Church). The son of William Dandy Nedham (1730-1811) and Eleanor Aikenhead (est. 1730-1791). MP for Athenry (Galway) (Irish Parliament) April-August 1800. Major General, 4th Royal Veteran Battallion. Married 13 August 1810 to Marianne Baker (15 May 1782-15 March 1871), born in Somerset, the daughter of Rev. Aaron Abraham Baker and Mary Bartlett.

    Children: William Robert Nedham (30 May 1811-27 December 1867). Born Bantry, Ireland; Lucinda Marianne Nedham (18 December 1812-28 July 1844). Born Cove, Ireland, died Milbrooke, Isle Of Wight; Henry Nedham (29 Oct 1814-9 May 1876). Born Burnett, Somerset; Eleanor Nedham (2 March 1819-1 March 1833). Born Burnett, Somerset; George Nedham (7 March 1821-27 May 1871). Born Burnett, Somerset; Col. Alfred Gylett Nedham (May 1823-11 June 1870). Born: Clifton, Cheshire; Lt. Gen. Charles Nedham (Indian Army) (6 July 1825-4 July 1892). Died in Cheltenham.

  2. Nedham's son Henry Nedham was born in Burnett, Somerset, 29/10/1814. He "went to Jamaica with the intent of being trained in sugar production with a view to managing the family estates." He was an overseer at Nutts Plantation (no date recorded), a Lieutenant in the militia in 1836, manager of the St Thomas-in-the-East Savings Bank in 1841 and an Assistant Judge/JP in St Thomas-in-the-East in 1845.

  3. Will of William Nedham, Major-General in HM's Army of Burnett Somerset [made in 1822] proved 04/03/1844. He left his estates and enslaved people in Jamaica in trust, subject to annuities of £300 p.a. to his brother Rev. John Dedham and £100 p.a. to Mrs Jane Hayttens [?] and subject also to mortgage debt owed to Henry Davidson, to fund an annuity of £400 p.a. to his wife Marianne and £300 p.a. to support his younger children. His main heir was his son William Robert Nedham.


T71/855 St Thomas-in-Vale no. 313. Claim by Maj Gen William Needham owner-in-fee. Counterclaim by Aeneas Barkly 'with the concurrence of Henry Davidson and Wm Davidson,', mortgagees for £30,846 0s 5d. Letter re status 23/02/1835 from Major-General Nedham No. 1 Marine Parade Worthing.

  1. ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine, January to June, 1844’, published 1844 – Died – 1844 – Feb 13. At Worthing, aged 74, Major-General William Nedham, late Colonel of the 4th Veteran Battalion; Lack family history.

  2. Lack family history: Descendants of William de Nedeham. [accessed 19/03/2015].

  3. PROB 11/1995/217.

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Marianne Baker
2 daughters, 5 sons

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£3,669 17s 3d
Unsuccessful claimant

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Shown as registered to 'William Nedham' from at least 1772, when Major William Nedham was only 2. The earlier entries in the Slave Registers are likely to have therefore referred to his father William Dandy Nedham, reported to have died in 1811.

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1 Marine Parade, Worthing, Sussex, South-east England, England