David Cornfoot

1780 - 31st Mar 1842

Claimant or beneficiary


Cornfoot, Bell & Co. was a firm of merchants in British Guiana; Cornfoot was a signatory of the 1826 petition to the Privy Council. 

  1. David Cornfoot late of Demerary died 31st March 1842 at Richmond Surrey in his 63rd year buried 06/04/1842 St Peters Petersham.

  2. Will of David Cornfoot of Petersham Surrey (made in 1832) was proved 04/05/1842. The will is very short: in it, David Cornfoot left all his real and personal estate to 'my dear friend Henry Richardson at present residing with me at Petersham (and who has for over twenty years past been residing with me.' The will was proved by Henry Cornfoot heretofore Richardson.

  3. Henry Cornfoot on 22/06/1839 married Constantia Anne Elmslie, daughter of James Elmslie at St Marylebone: the marriage register shows his father as William Richardson deceased. The 1861 census shows a David Cornfoot born Bloomsbury aged 18 as clerk in West India merchants house, living with grandfather James Elmslie (age 82) at 74 Lansdowne Place Hove. A Henry Cornfoot, presumably the same man, was buried at Petersham 11/04/1876 aged 78.

  4. In a codicil to the will of Johanna Meertens made in 1829, she appointed as trustees David Cornfoot of Woolley Lodge near Maidenhead Berks. and Robert Bell of Stickworth Grove in the Isle of Wight.


T71/887 British Guiana claim no. 2323 (Belle Plaine).  

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£14,729 18s 7d

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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Senior partner
Cornfoot, Bell & Company
West India merchant - British Guiana  

Relationships (2)

Business partners
Trustee → Testator

Addresses (2)

Petersham, Richmond, Surrey, South-east England, England
Woolley Lodge, Maidenhead, Berkshire, Central England, England
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Identified as of Woolley Lodge in a codicil to the will of Johanna Meertens of 1829.