Ann Capper (née Reid)

1779 - 24th Aug 1855

Claimant or beneficiary


Ann or Anne Capper, daughter of George Reid senior and Elizabeth Lydia Reid (q.v.) and awarded part of the compensation with her husband Rev. George Capper (q.v.) for the Friendship estate in Trelawny which had belonged to her father.

  1. 14/06/1847 death of Rev. George Capper, Rector of Gosbeck and Little Blakenham, and Vicar of Wherstead, in London in his 80th year. Son of Rev. Francis Capper, Rector of Earl Soham and Monk Soham in Suffolk. Had married 1805 Anne, daughter of George Reid esq. of Island of Jamaica, but left no issue. Magistrate, chairman of quarterly sessions at Ipswich for several years.

  2. St Mary's Church Wherstead contains table top tomb of (1) George Reid of Island of Jamaica died Jan 28 1823 aged 75 years; Elizabeth Lydia, relict of the above, d. Nov. 11th 1842 aged 83; and Mary Reid, dau of George Reid d. 24th February 1850 aged 53, and (2) Rev George Capper, for 32 years Vicar of this parish died 4th June 1847 in 80th year and Ann, widow of Rev G. Capper, died 24th August 1855 in 76th year of her age.

  3. Ann Capper was a legatee under the will of her aunt Mary Reid of Henley Hall (q.v.), and the universal legatee of her sister Mary Reid of Wherstead, whose will (made in 1830) was proved in 1836.


T71/874 Trelawny No. 417 and 530. The claim under No. 417 was made by Jefferies & Esdaile as mortgagees but the Cappers and Henry Denny Berners counter-claimed for interest on £10,000, £2700 arrears. Trelawny No. 530 shows the counterclaim from The Rev George Capper executor of Mary Reid spinster creditor by bond and judgement and under an indenture of 9th August 1823 charging the debt on this estate'; also from The Rev Henry Denny Berners and the Rev Geo Capper and Ann his wife, as entitled to the interest for their lives as stated of £10,000 sterling at 5 per cent -for arrears. £2700 to Mrs Capper'. Also from Mary Reid spinster annuitant of £500 under the will of George Reid. There is no note of an award being paid to court under Trelawny No. 530.

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Further Information

Maiden Name
Rev. George Capper

Associated Claims (1)

£2,296 3s 6d

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Wife → Husband
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Wherstead, Ipswich, Suffolk, East Anglia, England