Henry Robertson Watson

8th Jun 1801 - 13th Feb 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. "James Watson (d. 1808) of Crantit, Orkney, was factor for the estates of Lord Dundas. He married Christian Robertson (1780-1842) whose family (Robertsons of Kiltearn) had many connections with Demerara. Four of their five sons - Harry (Henry) Robertson Watson (1801-36), Andrew Watson (1803-37), William Robertson Watson and Peter Miller Watson (1805-69) - went out the Demerara, where the two older brothers died. The fifth brother, James [b1809], became a lawyer in London."

  2. Henry Robertson Watson was born in Crantit, 08/06/1801 and died in Demerara 13/02/1836.

  3. Henry's father James Watson died in 1808 and on 26/07/1811 his mother remarried, to Thomas Stuart Traill of Turlot. Their eldest child and Henry's half-sister Ann (1812-1873) married George Parker (1806-1860, q.v.), a partner in the West Indian trading company Sandbach, Tinne & Co. (q.v.).


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We are grateful to David Alston for his assistance in compiling this entry.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
H.R. Watson
[died unmarried]

Associated Claims (2)

£298 1s 3d
£68 8s 0d

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First Cousins
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Addresses (2)

Crantit, Kirkwall, Orkney, Highlands & Islands, Scotland
Kiltearn, Ross & Cromarty, Highlands & Islands, Scotland