John Gladstone

Urban Development



Development on Slater Street, Liverpool, on the north-east side between Fleet Street and Slater Street. "First, on the corner of Fleet St., he erected a Free School. It was named St. Andrews after his church in Renshaw St. Next, he built Charitable Institution House adjoining the school. It opened in May 1819 and sold religious books on the ground floor. It still does... Then he went on to establish Leith House, a lofty 'Infirmary For Diseases of the Eye', now Nos. 20 and 22. Finally, he built two smaller dwelling houses, thus completing the facade are far as the Jackson property [on the corner of Seel Street and Slater Street]." The bookshop is still in existence, known as Gladstones but renamed the Tree of Life and including a cafe and an upstairs venue for religious or spiritual gatherings. See Fred Gagen, 'A Little Bit of Slater Street. (1) The Brewery Connection', and [both accessed 13/06/2020].

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