Samuel Boddington

MP (Whig)


Boddington member of the King of Clubs (chairman 1808-1819) led to his entertaining prominent Whigs. Having failed to win at Milborne Port (Somerset) (where he allegedly spent £4,000 trying to win the seat against Lord Uxbridge's interest in 1806), Boddington purchased a vacancy at Tralee, (of which the Treasury had the disposal), 17 January 1807. But lost the seat 21 May 1807 and did not obtain one anywhere again.

Had strong Whig associations: reinforced by the marriage of his daughter to Lady Holland's younger son in 1824 (though he at first resisted the match). His memorial at Enfield recorded: 'Through a long period of political changes he was a steady supporter of civil and religious liberty'.

Source: R. G. Thorne, The House of Commons 1790-1820 (1986), III: Members A-F, p. 224

Elections / Constituences

Tralee Kerry