Dominica 147

26th Dec 1837 | 98 Enslaved | £1651 8s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 313.

The award was split: £1567 3s 10d went to Robert Anderson; £84 5s 0d went to C. A. Francklyn.

See also Dominica claim no. 146, which gives Robert Anderson again as at Eaton St, Eaton Sq., London; and shows C.A. Francklyn as 'of Tobago', and, along with John Gordon, of Roseau, an assignee of Martha Fleming Ottley of a mortgage dated 25/03/1790, secured on a moiety of the estate.  

T71/1594 p. 125: letter, dated 11/10/1837, to Mrs Catherine Warner, c/o J. Willcocks, 6 Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn, London, informing her of the outcome of Dominica claim no. 146 and the timing of Dominica claim no. 147.

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