Grenada 955 (Union Estate)

23rd Jan 1836 | 153 Enslaved | £3679 6s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 312 shows the award split as follows: the Hon. Wm. Fraser, Wm. Maxwell Alexdr., Claud Neilson, Boyd Alex. and Hugh Hyndman received £3082 3s 9d; Rev. Peter William Pegus received £1,597 2s 8d. However, T71/880 makes it clear that Fraser etc. received only £2082 3s 9d.

Parliamentary Papers incorrectly gives Boyd Alexander and Hugh Hyndman as one person, i.e. Alex. Hugh Hyndman Boyd.

T71/880: claim by Rev. Peter William Pegus, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim by Wm. Fraser, W. Maxwell Alexander, Claud Neilson, Boyd Alex. and Hugh Hyndman, of Leadenhall St., London, as creditors of a judgement dated 27/04/1835 for £1664 7s 6d, and of a further sum of £1250 being a lien for advances, making together with £832 3s 9d (as by counterclaim already preferred) the total sum of £2082 3s 9d. The counterclaim was admitted by Rev. Peter William Pegus.

T71/328 p. 107: enslaved persons were registered in 1834 by Lewis Hoyes, as agent for Rev. Peter William Pegus.

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