Grenada 569 (Nettle Point Estate)

5th Dec 1836 | 30 Enslaved | £752 8s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 312.

T71/880: claim by Peter Guthrie, of the Parish of St Mark. Counterclaim by Alexander George Milne and William Bartlet, of the City of London, Merchants, as mortgagees in fee for £2000 with interest thereon at 6% from 16/07/1830.

T71/1229: Geo. M'Lean was Alexander George Milne and William Bartlet's attorney.

T71/1229: the estimated value of the enslaved persons in the counterclaim is given as £2260 for 31 enslaved persons, including £100 per head for field labourers, £120 for Head People, £30 for children under 6 and £25 for aged, diseased or otherwise non-effective.

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Nettle Point Estate

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