Grenada 608 (Mount Nesbitt)

9th Nov 1835 | 124 Enslaved | £3201 2s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 98.

T71/880: claim from the Misses C. and A. Lushington, of Kent in England, as joint owners-in-fee.

Caribbeana Vol. IV p. 332: indre of 02/08/1837 between inter alia C. & A. Lushington, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent; John Nesbitt, of London; and Rev. Wm. Mills, of Berkshire. It appears that John Nesbitt (i), as executor of his uncle Arnold Nesbitt (formerly of Grafton Street, London), had some form of pledging of the estate dating from a deed of 1772. Ibid. pp.270-1: letter, dated 17/02/1774, from Hugh Hall Wentworth referring to the Mt. Nesbitt estate.

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Mount Nesbitt
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Marryat, Chas

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