Grenada 689 (La Fortune)

9th Nov 1835 | 154 Enslaved | £4174 14s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 99.

An Assistant Commissioner's note (bound into T71/880), states that 'The Power of attorney in this case from JDH is in his capacity of a Trustee, tho it appears he has since become the Proprietor but has sent no new authority to his agent'.

T71/880: claim from James Deacon Hume, of the City of London, as owner-in-fee.

T71/1609: letter, dated 06/06/1843, from Brande [?] at the Treasury, asking for details of the compensation paid on 'La Fortune' estate to the late James Deacon Hume of the Board of Trade; follow-up request, dated 07/06/1843, from the Treasury for the same information on the Lower Granton and Boisjeune estates, the proprietor being Mr Wm. Johnstone.

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La Fortune
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Lang, Robert C.

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