Grenada 697 (Mornefendue (sp?))

9th Nov 1835 | 180 Enslaved | £4671 16s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 99.

An Assistant Commisioner's note bound in to T71/880 states: 'The same observation (as in Grenada claim no. 695) applies to one slave valued by this Return'.

T71/880: claim from Robert Farquhar, of Portland Place, Middlesex, England, as owner-in-fee.

T71/330 pp. 69-74: enslaved persons were registered in 1834 on the Mornefendue estate by Geo. Paterson, as the attorney of Robert Farquhar.

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Claim No.
Mornefendue (sp?)
Collected by
Drummond, G of Drummonds

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