Jamaica St George 278 (Osborne Estate)

11th Dec 1837 | 156 Enslaved | £2613 8s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 300.

The award was split: Eliza Edgar received £316 2s 1d and £1407 4s 5d; Taite and Dickie received £890 1s 9d.

T71/869: claim from Eliza Edgar, of Edinburgh (Scotland), as 'Acting executrix and Trustee under will of James Edgar, and also as annuitant'. Taite and Dickie appear to be trustees for Thomas L. Hill, although it is not clear what Hill's claim was. Counterclaims also from Sir Thos. Baring, Loughnan, Guthrie and Pratt, on a mortgage to Jno Willis, a large creditor of James Edgar; from Margaret Edgar and Elizabeth Priscilla Edgar (denied); and from Eliza Edgar, as an 'Annuitant under several deeds for annuity of £300 and for arrears (£1350 in total)'.

T71/1607: letter, dated 19/03/1838, Stokes & Co., re. lawsuit from Sir Thomas Baring versus Eliza Edgar for her compensation money.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): estate registered to the heirs of James Osborne.

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St George
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Osborne Estate

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