Jamaica St Mary 531 (Fellowship Hall Estate)

1st Feb 1836 | 72 Enslaved | £644 2s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 13 shows compensation 'Paid into Court'. One moity awarded as 531A (Parliamentary Papers p. 288; see 531A as a separate claim.) Total number of enslaved persons aggregated with St Mary claim no. 531A.

T71/856: claim by Bartolomew Ibbott Williams and Colin Mckenzie, executors of John Pink who was in his lifetime the only executor of the honourable John Hiatt to the moiety of [Fellowship Hall Estate]'. Joseph Brook Yates counterclaimed as trustee of Edward Risby Byndloss. Counterclaim from the Pinks as legatees of John Hiatt from St Mary claim no. 359 (for amounts of £6000, £2600 and £2200); counterclaim from Richard Hiatt, annuitant of £500 under the will of John Hiatt, for £2225 11s 1d 'arrears of the same annuity'.

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St Mary
Claim No.
Fellowship Hall Estate
Collected by
Yates, Jos B. ('A')

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