Jamaica St Andrew 209 (Mount Moses)

1st Aug 1836 | 247 Enslaved | £4821 7s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 297.

T71/865: claim from Samuel Murphy, of St Andrew, as trustee in possession. Counterclaim by Richard Collins and Samuel Murphy.

T71/1593 p. 87: letter, dated 07/12/1835, to Mrs Sarah Hart, Yatton [?] near Bristol, to file a late counterclaim with two other parties.

T71/1593 p. 209: letter, dated 09/06/1836, to Grace D. Hart, Yatton, stating: we cannot tell you whether to file a counterclaim or not.

T71/1607: letter, dated [?]8/06/1836, from Grace Dunbar Hart, stating: there is a debt due from the estate of the late Rev. Edward Marshall, of Jamaica. We have been advised that Richard Collins and Samuel Murphy are assignees, and that we have no hope of any award, and that it may also be expensive. We have had a letter from the coheritor of Mr Collins saying we are holding things up: 'it appears incumbent on us to express our readiness to relinquish any unavailing perseverance in a claim which, however just in itself, must yield implicit submission to the decision of superior judgement and experience'. Seeks guidance from the Commission: 'If their decision confirms the opinion of the legal advice we have been enabled to gain, we entirely relinquish the claim'. Letter, dated 10/12/1835, from Sarah Hart, Yatton, stating: her brother took the papers to Bristol to be reviewed and lost them; 'I have therefore come to the determination, painful as it is to me, to make the circumstances known to you at once and direct'. Alludes to serving on 'Mr Collins in Exeter [Devon]'.  

Jamaica Almanac (1833 & 1838): estate registered to Elizabeth Marshall.

Jamaica Almanac (1839): shows Samuel Murphy as resident.

Jamaica Almanac (1815): estate registered to Rev. Edward Marshall.

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St Andrew
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Mount Moses

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