Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey 92 (Hector's River)

12th Oct 1835 | 334 Enslaved | £5842 13s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 47.

T71/867: claim by Jasper Taylor Hall of St Thomas-in-the-East. Counterclaim from Archibald Alves etc 'For a yearly rent charge of  £400 secured by a term of 99 years' dated 1825 and 1827. The counterclaim was presumably admitted, given that the award is listed as uncontested in Parliamentary Papers. It appears likely that the two Alves, Richard Lee and Francis Glanville were trustees of a marriage settlement or under a will, given that two of them later appeared as executors of Jasper Taylor Hall.

T71/1594 p. 352: identifies Duncan Davidson Alves as 8 Lime St Square on 02/08/1841.

Joseph Sturge and Thomas Harvey, The West Indies in 1837 (London, Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1838) p. 297: 'a fine estate belonging to Major Hall, an absentee'. No complaints to bring before the magistrate (Richard Chamberlaine): no allowances to children except free medical care. Apprentices deprived of all half Fridays and all extra hours in crop time witout any payment, although nominally in return for the slave allowances. Ibid. pp. lxv-lxvi: two pages of complaints from apprentices on Hector's River - reportedly the comment, 'The people on Hector's River are worse off than any'.

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St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey
Claim No.
Hector's River
Collected by
Alves, D.D.

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