Jamaica Manchester 443 (part) (Enfield)

13th Mar 1837 | 8 Enslaved | £184 0s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 294.


T71/1606: letter, dated 02/02/1836, from Meredith & Reeve, acting for an infant daughter and devisee in tail, and also for Mr James, the guardian of the infant appointed by the Court of Chancery and also the administrator de bonis non of the testator (Wm. Burt Wright) in England. Chancery suit of Wright versus Wright: Helen [sic] Frances Wright, an infant, by Elizabeth Brooks (her grandmother), as plaintiff, versus Ezekiel Wright and Robert Boyes Muirhead, both out of the jusrisdiction and the latter since deceased, and Thomas James, as defendants. Barnaby Maddan, of Kingston, Jamaica, now resident at Huddersfield (Yorkshire), was the manager of an estate called Enfield and a deponent on the inclusion of enslaved persons in the return.


T71/1190: 'the counterclaim of Helen Frances Wright'. Frances Wright Wright, the widow of William Burt Wright (who was brother of Ezekiel and R. B. Wright and died in February 1821), came to England in 1821, in 1822 married Thomas James, of Clements Inn, and died in 1828. This part of the claim appears to be for 8 enslaved persons owned by John Thomas James, the son of Thomas James and Frances Wright James (deceased).

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