Jamaica St Catherine 420

13th Mar 1837 | Enslaved | £128 15s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 285.

Emily James and other versus Samuel Dare.

T71/852: Samuel Dare, 'America', trustee of Amelia James and her children given for St Catherine claim no. 421.

T71/1606: letter from Alex Dobie, Palgrave Place, solicitor to Mrs James and her family dated 16/09/1836 stating that Samuel Dare was once a trustee for Mrs James and her children. There is a chancery suit, James v Dare: 'Mrs James informs me that upon inquiry by a Friend yesterday at your Office she learnt that £299 17s 2d has been awarded in respect of 420 and £136 3s 11d for 421 etc to Samuel Dare.'

T71/1593 p. 266: letter to Alex Dobie dated 19/9/1836 re the Court of Chancery.

Total number of enslaved persons aggregated with the other St Catherine claim no. 420 [Record ID = 20318].

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