Antigua 1 (Orange Valley)

2nd May 1836 | 100 Enslaved | £1803 0s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 308.


T71/877: Awarded to Kean Brown Osborn, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from John Osborn the younger and Alicia (his wife), of 24 Bryanston Street Portman Square, [London], 'For arrears and interest of an annuity of £100 sterling, secured by Bond and judgement thereon'. This was denied by Kean Osborn, 'there is not anything due to John Osborn the younger on Annuity referred to, nor upon any bond'.


Orange Valley, St Mary, was the site of 'Rock Dungeon' slave prison [according to].


T71/250: Kean Brown Osborn was the resident proprietor according to the 1832 registration .


See also Antigua claim no. 356

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Orange Valley

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