Jamaica St Catherine 624 (Healthful Hill)

15th Feb 1836 | 105 Enslaved | £1754 4s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 4.

T71/852: awarded to Thomas Spencer, St Catherine, owner.

T71/1592 p. 143: Thomas SPENCE of Chewton house near Christchurch, Hampshire, letter dated 29/05/1835 and 16/6/1835 [p 154] with G.W. Hamilton as attorney for Thomas Spence.

T71/1606: letter from Thomas Spencer, Chewton house near Christchurch, Hampshire, dated 26/05/1835: I have 104 slaves belonging to me on coffee plantation.  Also a debt from the late Francis Graham on Tulloch Estate, St Thomas-in-the-Vale. Letter from Thomas Spencer dated 11/06/1835: my attorney 'not having furnished me with any farther information, than of his having settled the amount with the commissioners in Jamaica.'

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St Catherine
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Healthful Hill
Collected by
Harrison, W. of DDAlves, J.Steele and WH

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