Jamaica St James 192 (Purling Stream Estate)

16th Nov 1835 | 50 Enslaved | £916 3s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 71.

T71/873: claim from William Murray, of London, as owner-in-fee.

B.W. Higman, Plantation Jamaica 1750-1850: capital and control in a colonial economy (Mona, Jamaica, University of West Indies Press, 2005) p. 73: William Murray is cited as saying in 1815 that he had lived almost 20 years on his own sugar plantation in St James, but also held 'considerable property in  right of his wife, in the parishes of Clarendon and Vere, and has the management of several estates belonging to his friends in England'. Sourced to Journals of Assembly of Jamaica, 12 1808-15 p. 814 (Higman note 90 p. 309).

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St James
Claim No.
Purling Stream Estate
Collected by
Murray, Wm.

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