Jamaica Trelawney 192 (Chester Estate)

16th Nov 1835 | 78 Enslaved | £1478 17s 11d

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Claim Notes

Parliamentary Papers p. 76.

T71/874: claim from John Kenyon, of Trelawny, as owner-in-fee.

T71/242 pp. 122-3: shows Wm. Reeves as attorney in 1832.

Times 22/12/1856 p. 7: 'many a literary home has been made brighter this Christmas time by the noble sympathy of John Kenyon, the poet, whose death we recently announced. The poet was as rich as he was genial. Scarcely a man or woman distinguished in the world of letters with which he was familiar has passed unremembered  in his will, and some poets and children of poets are endowed with a princely munificence. Among those who have shared most liberally in this harvest of goodwill we are happy to hear that Mr & Mrs Browning receive 10,000l, Mr Proctor (Barry Cornwall) 6000l and Dr Southey a very handsome sum, we think 8000l. We hear that there are eight legatees many of them the old literary friends of the deceased poet. - Athenaeum'.

Times 27/01/1857 p. 9: further details of John Kenyon's will: e.g. £100 went to Walter Savage Landor; £20,000 went to executor Thomas Hawthorne; £5000 went to London University Hospital.

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Claim No.
Chester Estate
Collected by
Kenyon, John [ktm Robert Hawthorn, who signed for the next claim in NDO4/3]

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