Jamaica St James 581 (Millennium Hall)

16th Nov 1838 | 116 Enslaved | £2341 0s 4d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/873: claim by Thomas Blower Gibbes. Counterclaim from C.E. Bernard, as trustee of Edward Mountague. Counterclaim from Francis Carpenter, as judgement creditor for £4633 4s 9d.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Millenium Hall estate registered to Francis B. Gibbes.

T71/222: Francis B. Gibbes registered enslaved persons on Millenium Hall estate in 1832, as receiver.  

T71/1608, 19/07/1835: interventions from James Mather, stating that Mrs Stiles, a legatee under the will of William Gibbs, jointly with Mrs Carpenter of Tonbridge Place London, assigned her interest to Wm. Scott, of Edinburgh (Scotland), on behalf of her daughter Mrs Mather and herself.

T71/1592: letter to C.E. Bernard, stating the claims of James Mather in right of his wife and referring to a judgement in force against the Millenium Hall estate since 1775.

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St James
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Millennium Hall

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