Jamaica St Elizabeth 211

16th Jul 1838 | 94 Enslaved | £2147 5s 8d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/870: claim from George Atkinson and Henry C. Forbes, as receivers in 'Forbes v Adams'.

"Feme Covert. (Exoneration by fine - West Indian estate.) By a marriage settlement, an estate in Jamaica was limited to trustees for a term, upon trust, to raise 18,000l., to be laid out in land in Great Britain of the value of 600l. a-year, to be settled when purchased on the husband for life, with remainder to the wife for life, with an option to her to have an annuity of 600l. out of the land instead of the land itself; the wife afterwards joined with her husband in mortgaging the Jamaica estate in fee, and acknowledged the mortgage-deed before a magistrate, which by the laws of Jamaica is equivalent to a fine: Held, that the wife had thereby released the estate from her claim to a provision under the settlement.- Forbes v. Adams, 462." The Law Magazine, or Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence, for August, 1840; and November, 1840 (London, 1840) Vol. XXIV p. 426.

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