Jamaica Hanover 94 (Hired to Hopewell Estate)

19th Oct 1835 | 18 Enslaved | £391 13s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 67.

T71/915 p. 10: claim from E. W. Bucknor, a spinster, of Great Britain, as owner-in-fee.

T71/1608: letter, dated 28/08/1835, from E.W. Bucknor, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, stating: 'Many years ago, a certain number of Negroes became my property by my Mother's will and testament'. E.W. Bucknor was in Jamaica in 1793 when her mother died, and continued there until 1824, 'when from indisposition and other causes I was inclined to leave Jamaica and visit Great Britain'. She had left power of attorney to W.S. Grignon, of Montego Bay, and assumed he would take the necessary steps for compensation, and did nothing until 'I was prevailed upon in a matter (to me) of such importance to ascertain whether any claims had been put in my behalf'. However, a search by Pitcairn & Amos of West India brokers at the compensation commission office revealed nothing. Asks: can the Court of Chancery help? A note on the letter states that there is a claim for E.W. Bucknor from W.S. Grignon, as attorney.

T71/1592: letter, dated 29/08/1835, to Mrs Elizabeth Bucknor, stating: a valid claim has been filed for you in Jamaica.

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Hired to Hopewell Estate

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