Jamaica Hanover 53 (Flint River Estate)

19th Oct 1835 | 161 Enslaved | £3135 17s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 66.

T71/915  p. 82: claim from Edmund Gardiner, of England, as owner-in-fee.

 T71/1608: letter, dated 30/10/1835, from James Bedlow, of Carlow in Ireland, stating that the estate belonged to John Hills (who died in 1828), who left it to his 4 sisters, then residing in Europe (James Bedlow is married to one of the sisters). Edmund Gardiner, of Remmanham Lodge, Henley on Thames (Oxfordshire), is acting as executor, 'circumstances having rendered it expedient to file a Bill in Equity against that Gentleman to render an account of his Trust'. The letter seeks information on claims, counterclaims, enslaved persons etc. (also for Hanover claim nos. 78 and 79). Letter, dated 16/03/1835, from Edmund Gardiner, of Remenham Lodge, as proprietor-in-fee of Flint River estate (filed under Hanover claim no. 184). Gives the attorney as Isaac Jackson. Edmund Gardiner has been told that valuations were not made known to the Parties concerned: 'Thus I am left completely in the dark, wholly ignorant of what has been transacting in this matter and I can not but think that I, as a Person having so large an Interest therein, ought not to be kept any longer wholly uninformed upon the subject'.

Times 31/07/1845 p. 12: Remenham Lodge sold at auction by the executors of Edmund Gardiner.

Jamaica Almanac (1822, 1828 & 1840): Flint River estate registered to Edmund Gardiner.

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Flint River Estate
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Gardiner, Edmund

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