Jamaica Vere 38 (Salt Savanna)

19th Jun 1837 | 272 Enslaved | £5286 19s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 291.

T71/858: claim from James Beckford Wildman, of Vere, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from John Edward Collett and his wife, as tenants in tail. Counterclaim also from George Booth Maxwell ('Claims as tenant for life of 1/2'), under the provisions of the will of George Booth, dated 29/08/1768. He also denies the validity of assignment of 25 May 1791 and has instituted a suit in chancery against the claimant which is now pending. Adjudged to J. B. Wildman on 19/06/1837. 01/07/1837: 'Letter of Pyne & Richards giving notice of appeal on behalf of GBMaxwell'. 01/02/1839: 'Order of Council granting petition to withdraw appeal'.

T71/1606: letter, dated 20/05/1836, from Capron & Co., Saville Place, states that, in 1791, George Booth Maxwell (the counterclaimant) sold and conveyed his life interest in a moiety of Salt Savannah to the late Mr Wildman, who then bought life interest in the other half from another person, and the reversion in fee simple. In 1808, George Booth Maxwell brought a Bill in Chancery to have the 1791 deal set aside; no proceeding for 15 years in this suit: 'if the compensation Act had not been passed it is quite evident that no further proceedings would have been undertaken.' The Court of Chancery were asked to use discretion, and appear to have done so, and paid the award to the Accountant General but allowed James Beckford Wildman to make an application by counsel to them for further directions to make such award as to them shall seem fit. Letter, dated 08/06/1837, from George Booth Maxwell, George St., Hanover Sq., asking: at what time does the hearing take place? Memorial from James Beckford Wildman, dated  12/03/1836, as replication was late by 'an accidental and involuntary omission on our part.' The Memorial includes a description of John Edward Collett and Rachael Theresa (his wife) as 'of Enfield Wash, Co of Middx'. Their claim rested on overturning the 1791 sale. Parliamentary Committee decision, dated 13/02/1839: the withdrawal reveals G.B. Maxwell to have been in prison for debt at the time.

London Gazette Issue 16997, 25/03/1815 p. 566: shows the creditors of G.B. Maxwell, formerly of Bayswater and late of Thames Ditton, who was discharged from HM prison of the King's Bench, called together to consider a suit against James Wildman.  

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Salt Savanna

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