Jamaica St James 7 (Cambridge Estate)

23rd Jan 1836 | 103 Enslaved | £2001 10s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 306.


Compensation amount is incorrect in Parliamentary Papers (it is given as the same as the following litigated St James claim no. 8). The compensation amount should be £2001 10s 6d (see T71/873).


T71/873: claim by Philip Anglin Scarlett, of St James, as executor of P.A. Scarlett. Counterclaim by Samuel Dare, in right of his wife (the daughter of the late P.A. Scarlett), for £5000 sterling under indre dated 17/01/1815. The counterclaim was withdrawn and replaced by a counterclaim from Samuel Dare and his wife as annuitants for £6000. The register of claims suggests that this was awarded one half to Philip Anglin Scarlett and one half to S. Dare.


Times 20/03/1838 p. 3 and 04/03/1838 p. 3: Philip Anglin Scarlett (junior) claimed compensation for the premature release of apprentices, his case pressed by Mr Scarlett (MP).


The database combines the two awards shown in Parliamentary Papers as St James claim nos. 7 and 8: £1000 15s 3d went to each of Samuel Dare and Philip Anglin Scarlett.

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