Jamaica Trelawny 171 (Clermont Estate)

23rd Jan 1836 | 109 Enslaved | £2384 0s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 307.


The award was split: £1192 0s 2d went to each of (1) Gillespys & Longcroft (2) Wilkinson & Temple.


T71/874: claim from Thomas Gillespie, Thomas Gillespie junior and George Harffy Longcroft, of London, as executors of George [sic: probably Charles] Reynolds. Counterclaim from Robert Owen and James Henry Dixon, as attorneys for Thos. Wilkinson and Wm. Smoult Temple, who were the executors of Robert Henry McDonald for a mortgage deed dated 10/10/1801. Leblanc, Oliver Cook were acting for the Gillespies and Longcroft.  


T71/1608: letter, dated 22/02/1836, from B. Broughton, of 2 Alie Place, Gt. Alie St., stating: Robert Henry McDonald was of Old Elvet in the City of Durham (County Durham); he lent £4000 on the Claremont estate. Robert Henry McDonald died on 31/07/1831. He bequeathed to Thos. Wilkinson and Wm. Smoult Temple all his property upon trusts; persons interested were 3 nephews - James Henry Dixon, Robert Wm. Dixon and Edward Dixon (the latter died in 1834). B. Broughton is acting for the only child of Edward Dixon.


Mawsons papers, Durham University Library, 3/33a-3/35a: release of trustees of the estate of Robert Henry McDonald.

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Clermont Estate

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