Antigua 125 (Creek Estate)

1st May 1837 | 184 Enslaved | £2973 15s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. The award was split between: Thos. F. Nibbs (£624 11s 8d); Hen. M. Dyer (£2349 4s 3d).

T71/877: claim by Thos. F. Nibbs, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim inter alios by Hen. M. Dyer, of Devonshire Place House, Regent's Park, 'Receiver of the estate of Alexander Coates - which estate was held under a mortgage made by Walter Thibou and afterwards purchased by Thos F. Nibbs subject thereto - Amount due to Counterclaimant £5900 5s 10d'. Counterclaim from Elizabeth Maria Thibou, widow of Saint Christopher, 'annuity of £200 granted by Walter Thibou amount now due £331 18s 71/4d'.

T71/1609: note, dated 18/05/1837, from Hen. M. Dyer, Marlbro St., states that 'it has been arranged before the Commissioners'. Hen. M. Dyer and Thos. F. Nibbs appear to have agreed the division between them and put in a statement requesting the split.

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Creek Estate

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