Antigua 84 (Blake's)

10th Oct 1836 | 125 Enslaved | £1830 1s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309.


T71/877: claim from Sarah Masterson, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from Wm. Saunders, of the City of Worcester, England, by his attorney Paul Horsford, as mortgagees for £7500 with interest to 09/08/1834 amounting to £1387 10s. Withdrawn.


T71/1593: letter, dated 23/01/1836, to Wm. Saunders, stating that there is no problem with the award to Sarah Masterson now Wm. Saunders has withdrawn his counterclaim, but there was a problem with his power of attorney to receive the compensation until a new Act of Parliament.


T71/1609: letter, dated 24/01/1836, from Wm. Saunders, Worcester, complaining about delays - he had received no interest for 4 years etc..


T71/1609 unnumbered bundle: letter from Wm. Saunders' attorney in London, Wm. Grane, of 23 Bedford Row. Refers to Wm. Saunders' mortgage and to the mortgagor, 'the Countess Selina Masterton'.


T71/735: Valuers Return shows  'The Countess SSMasterson'.


T71/1220: Wm. Saunders' counterclaim alludes to an indenture of 1824, which Sarah Masterson was party to and was shown as of Boulogne.


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