Jamaica Hanover 466 (Phoenix Estate)

25th Feb 1836 | 68 Enslaved | £3141 4s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 69.

Dated 25/02/1836 in Parliamentary Papers (probably should be 25/01/1836).

T71/915 p. 156: claim from Richard Quarrell, of England, as owner-in-fee.

Joseph Sturge and Thomas Harvey, The West Indies in 1837 (London, Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1838) p. lvi: the authors refer to Richard Quarrell in 1837 as an absentee. Ibid. p. 238: the authors saw two women in Savanna La Mar workhouse, from Phoenix in Hanover, unable to execute task-work set down by the Special Magistrate, who was living in the Great House of Phoenix estate. 'This estate also belongs to a professedly liberal and religious proprietor'. A statement of the two - Sarah Nelson and Bessy Grant -  is reproduced pp. lv-lvii, and identifies Hulme as a Special Magistrate living on the estate, and refers to Quarrell on p. lvi. States that: 'for the goodness of Master Quarrell (the proprietor residing in England) they would give up the Friday, although they were not getting any salt fish'.

T71/1594 p. 176: letter to Richard Quarrel, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, re. Trelawny claim no. 540.

Jamaica Almanac (1827): Phoenix estate registered to William Dawes Quarrell, with 225 enslaved persons.

Jamaica Almanac (1831 & 1832): Phoenix estate registered to  William D. Quarrell.

Jamaica Almanac (1833 & 1840): Phoenix estate registered to Richard Quarrell.

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Phoenix Estate
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Quarrell, Richard

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