Jamaica Trelawny 541 (Bounty Hall)

27th Feb 1837 | 115 Enslaved | £2422 17s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 308.

Frances Tullock & others versus John Simpson & others.

T71/874: claim from Alexander Francis T. Tulloch, manager.

T71/1608: letter, dated 08/11/1836, from Herbert & Scott, 31 Norfolk St., Strand, stating that they are acting for the infant children of the late Major John Wm. Dunn. In 1824, John Simpson (the proprietor of Bounty Hall and Tilston Hall) entered into mortgage with Mr John Dunn (the father of Major Dunn) for £4740; nothing was ever paid.

T71/242: the attorney in 1832 was Wm. Reeves.  

Jamaica Almanac (1833): estate registered to the heirs of Elizabeth Simpson, with 115 enslaved persons.

1841 Chancery case of Tulloch vs Hartley appears to be a continuation: the legatees of Elizabeth Simpson were seeking payment from estate, including Boden's Land now blended with Bounty Hall.

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Bounty Hall

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